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Conan Exiles INDEX

Conan Exiles MAP

Conan Exiles Full Map
Conan Exiles Full Map
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Interactable NPCs:

Muriela the Artisan

Location: Muriela`s Hope

Interaction: Talk

Teaches the Emote: By Mitra

Teaches the Religion: Acolyte of Mitra


Location: Mek-kamoses`s Spire

Interaction: Talk

Teaches the Emote: By Set

Teaches the Religion: Acolyte of Set

Nunu the Cannibal

Location: Shaman`s Rise

Interaction: Talk

Teaches the Emote: Cheer

Teaches the Religion: Acolyte of Yog

The Outcast

Location: The Outcast Camp

Interaction: Talk

Teaches the Religion: Altar to Ymir

Yakira, Priestess of Derketo

Location: Pagoda of Boundless Lusts

Interaction: Talk

Teaches the Religion: Pleasure Place of Derketo


Location: The highest top of Fingerfang Rock

Interaction: Talk

Teaches the Recipe: Mountaineer

The Archivist

Location: The Archives

Interaction: Talk

Teaches the Recipe: Cartographer

Arcos the Wanderer

Location: The Sentinels

Interaction: Talk

Teaches the Emote: Polite Clap

Jamila the Pirate Queen

Location: Pariah`s Overwatch

Interaction: Talk

Teaches the Emote: Salute

Gilzan the Treasure Hunter

Location: Sepermeru, City of the Relic Hunters

Interaction: Talk

Teaches the Emote: Taunt

Petruso the Sandstorm Maniac

Location: Sandswept Ruins

Interaction: Talk

Purchase: Heart of the Sands (Scourgestone) for Jagged Scourgestone Piece,
Shattered Scourgestone Piece,
Broken Scourgestone Piece

Child of Jhebbal Sag

Location: South from Ruins of Old Nebthu

Interaction: Talk

Warmaker Klael

Location: The Unnamed City

Interaction: Talk


Location: Mounds of the Dead

Interaction: Talk


Location: Sepermeru, City of the Relic Hunters

Interaction: Talk

Razma of Shem

Location: Sepermeru, City of the Relic Hunters

Interaction: Talk

The Conan Exiles Journey:

Chapter I:
- Climb
- Drink
- Eat
- Use a bed or bedroll
- Clothe yourself
- Slay!
- Craft a tool
- Find signs of intelligent life
- Kick
- Dodge

Chapter II:
- Spend Knowledge Points
- Get a dedicated weapon
- Eat a filling meal
- Find shelter
- Perform a Heavy Finisher with a weapon
- Use a Torch
- Scout an Exile Camp
- Store goods
- Create a home
- Block an attack

Chapter III:
- Equip a piece of light armor
- Use a skinning dagger to skin an animal
- Scout a Darfari camp
- Obtain an iron bar
- Find somebody to talk to
- Shoot an enemy
- Venerate the gods
- Get a Head
- Throw an orb
- Use a pick to gather bark from trees

Chapter IV:
- Put an Enemy in the Wheel of Pain
- Sleep in a bed
- Craft an iron tool
- Obtain a potion
- Show your religious zeal
- Mine all the iron in a node
- Dye an item
- Catch a fish
- Plant seeds
- Earn a perk

Chapter V:
- Craft an exceptional or flawless item
- Destroy the Abyssal Remnant
- Upgrade a building piece
- Obtain the head of a boss creature
- Ride an elevator
- Scout a Black Hand camp
- Decorate yourself with warpaint
- Fire a trebuchet
- Combine orb effects
- Climb the Tower of Bats

Chapter VI:
- Use an explosive
- Modify a weapon
- Scout a Dogs of the Desert camp
- Lure an enemy into a trap
- Modify a piece of armor
- Squish something in a fluid press
- Drink water from a well
- Cripple an enemy
- Sunder an enemy
- Make an enemy bleed

Chapter VII:
- Survive a sandstorm outside of shelter
- Explore the Unnamed City
- Survive a Purge
- Destroy a Dragon
- Visit Sepermeru
- Attune an Obelisk
- Create a map-room
- Recruit a unique thrall
- Equip a Raider Armor Piece
- Cleanse corruption by watching an entertainer

Chapter VIII:
- Visit New Asagard
- Defeat the Kinscourge
- Get extremely drunk
- Enter the Palace of the Witch Queen
- Drink the Yellow Lotus Potion
- Harvest the Black Lotus Blossom
- Discover all the Lemurian Lorestones
- Harvest a falled star for ore
- Build of Upgrade your building to the highest tier
- Discover what haunts the Sanctuary Ruins

Chapter IX:
- Visit the Mounts of the Dead
- Defeat the Barrow King
- Obtain a Black Ice Weapon
- Buff yourself with Warpaint
- Summon Witchfire
- Pour Boiling Oil from a Siege Cauldron
- Maintain normal temperature in the most Extreme Cold
- Defeat Hrugnir of the Frost
- Equip a Nordheimer Armor Set
- Discover all of the Giant-king obelisks

Chapter X:
- Find a Legendary weapon
- Destroy whatever dwells at the heart of the Volcano
- Obtain an Obsidian Weapon
- Create a Master Workstation
- Summon the Avatar of a God
- Survive the heat of the volcano
- Equip an Epic Armor Set
- Explore the entire Exiled Lands
- Defeat the Mummy of the Ring
- Escape the Exiled Lands
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